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Total Expert is designed for today’s compliance requirements.

Audit level tracking and reporting on all marketing and co-marketing activity through one system of record.

Simplify your audit-level tracking and reporting.

Track everything from payments, distributions and cost allocations down to the pixel with on-demand compliance reports.

Automate Record Keeping

Create and store reports automatically in Total Expert for every marketing and co-marketing asset.

Prepare For Strict Auditing

Detailed reports for the most conservative compliance teams include job summary, proofs, markups, and distribution details.

Track Co-Marketing Payments

Force payment collection from co-marketers on all deployed assets with rule-based workflows and permissions.

Calculate pro rata co-marketing costs automatically.

Ensure compliance with calculations accurate to the pixel for each co-marketer’s share of all marketing pieces.

Track Every Pixel

Calculate every detail down to the pixel on marketing assets with Total Expert’s markup tool.

Automate Payment Assignment

Your co-marketers will automatically be assigned payment based on the individual marketing pieces deployed.

Lock Marketing Templates

Use top-down administrative control to lock all aspects of marketing templates across your organization.

Manage compliance from a centralized location.

Total Expert is a centralized system of record for all aspects of compliance management, including disclaimers, licensing, user access and asset permissions.

Control Disclaimers

Your enterprise will have a single source for managing all disclaimers and licensing, which can push to all marketing assets.

Manage Workflows And Permissions

Permissions, access and approvals are defined and managed at the user level for highly detailed reporting and tracking.

Customize Approval Workflows

Customize your automated workflows to meet your organization’s existing operations and needs.

Automate your compliance tracking and reporting.

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